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Viviana Meruane N.

viviana_i_meruane_naranjoProfesora Asociada
Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas
Universidad de Chile
Av. Beauchef 851
Santiago, Chile

Oficina: 29 (Piso 4, Edificio Poniente)
Teléfono: +56 (2) 2978 4597
E-mail: vmeruane@uchile.cl

Web: http://www.cec.uchile.cl/~vmeruane


Doctor en Ingeniería Mecánica, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Bélgica, 2010.
Magíster en Ciencias de la Ingeniería, mención Mecánica, Universidad de Chile, 2006.
Ingeniero Civil Mecánico, Universidad de Chile, 2006.

Líneas de Investigación

Dinámica de Estructuras.

Dinámica de Rotores.

Ajuste de Modelos.

Detección de Daños.

Grupo de Investigación

Laboratorio de Vibraciones Mecánicas y Rotodinámica

Cursos Dictados

Vibraciones Mecánicas
Dinámica Estructural

Principales Publicaciones

30. C. Modares, N. Astorga, E. López Droguett, V. Meruane.  “Convolutional Neural Networks for Automated Damage Recognition and Damage Type Identification”. Structural Control & Health Monitoring.  accepted.

29. P. Peralta, R. Ruíz, V. Meruane. V. Meruane.  “On the experimental uncertainty quantification in the frequency response function of piezoelectric energy harvesters”. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing.  accepted.

28. M. Fallahian, F. Khoshnoudian, S. Talaei, V. Meruane, Fl Shadan. “Experimental Validation of a Deep Neural Network – Sparse Representation Classification Ensemble Method”.  The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings. accepte.

27. J. Butterfield, V. Meruane, R. P. Collins, G. Meyers, S. B. “Prediction of Leak Flow Rate in Plastic Water Distribution pipes Using Vibro-Acoustic Measurements”.  Structural Health Monitoring, In press.

26. M. Fallahian, F. Khoshnoudian, V. Meruane. “Ensemble Classification Method for Structural Damage Assessment Under Varying Temperature”.  Structural Health Monitoring, In press.


25. A. Akbari-Fakhrabadi, E. Toledo, J. Canales, V. Meruane, S. H. Chan, M. Jamshidijam, M. A. Gracia-Pinilla. “Effect pf Sr2+ and Ba2+ Doping on Structural Stability and Mechanical Properties of La2NiO4+δ”.  Ceramics International, 44(9), 10551 – 10557, 2018.


24. F. Seguel, V. Meruane.  “Damage Assessment in a Sandwich Panel Based on Full-Field Vibration Measurements”.  Journal of Sound and Vibration, 417, 1-18, 2018.


23. R. Ruíz, V. Meruane.  “Uncertainties Propagation and Global Sensitivity Analysis of the Frequency Response Function of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters”.  Smart Materials and Structures, 26, 065003, 2017.


22. D. Verstraete, A. Ferrada, E. López Droguett, V. Meruane, M. Mohammad.  “Deep Learning Enabled Fault Diagnosis Using Time-Frequency Image Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings”.  Shock and Vibration, 2017, Article ID 5067651, 2017.


21. V. Meruane, M. Lasen, E. López Droguett, A. Ortiz-Bernardin.  “Modal Strain Energy-Based Debonding Assessment of Sandwich Panels Using a Linear Approximation with Maximum Entropy”.  Entropy, 19(11), 619, 2017.


20. V. Meruane, P. Véliz, E. López Droguett, A. Ortiz-Bernardin.  “Impact Location and Quantification on an Aluminum Sandwich Panel Using Principal Component Analysis and Linear Approximation with Maximum Entropy”.  Entropy, 19(4), 137, 2017.


19. G. Petrone, V. Meruane.  “Mechanical Properties Updating of a Non-uniform Natural Fibre Composite Panel by Means of Parallel Genetic Algorithm”.  Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 94, pp. 226-233, 2017.


18. A. Akbari-Fakhrabadi, V. Meruane, M. Jamshidijam, M. A. Gracia-Pinilla, R. García, M. Orellana.  “Structural and Mechanical Properties of La 0.6 Sr 0.4 M 0.1 Fe 0.9 O 3-δ (M: Co, Ni and Cu) Perovskites”.  Ceramics International, 43(2), pp. 2089-2094, 2017.


17. A. Akbari-Fakhrabadi, V. Meruane, M. Jamshidijam, M. A. Gracia-Pinilla, R. V. Mangalaraja.  “Effect of Rare Earth Dopants on Structural and Mechanical Propertiesof Nanoceria Synthesized by Combustion Method”.  Materials Science and Engineering:  A, 649, pp. 168-173, 2016.


16. N. Sánchez, V. Meruane, A. Ortiz-Bernardin.  “A Novel Impact Identification Algorithm Based on a Linear Approximation with Maximum Entropy”.  Smart Materials and Structures, 25(9), 095050, 2016.


15. V. Meruane, K. Pichara.  “A Broadband Vibration-Based Energy Harvester Using an Array of Piezoelectric Beams Connected by Springs”.  Shock and Vibration, vol. 2016, Article ID 9614842, 1-13, 2016.


14. V. Meruane.  “Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine for Vibration-Based Damage Assessment Using Transmissibility Data”.  Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 30(3), 04015042, 1-10, 2016.


13. V. Meruane, S. De Rosa, F. Franco.  “Numerical and Experimental Results for the Frecuency Response of Plates in Similitude”.  Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 230(18), pp. 3212-3221, 2016.


12. S. De Rosa, F. Franco, V. Meruane.  “Similitudes for the Structural Response of Flexural Plates”.  Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 230, pp. 174-188, 2016.


11. V. Meruane, V. del Fierro.  “An Inverse Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Identification of skin/core Debonding in Honeycomb Aluminium Panels”.  Structural Control and Health Monitoring 22(12), pp. 1426-1439, 2015.


10.  V. Meruane, A. Ortiz-Bernardin.  “Structural Damage Assessment Using Linear Approximation with Maximum Entropy and Transmissibility Data”.  Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 54-55, pp. 210-223, 2015.


09. V. Meruane, V. del Fierro, A. Ortiz-Bernardin.  “A Maximum Entropy Approach to Assess Debonding in Honeycomb Aluminum Plates”.  Entropy, 16(5), pp. 2869-2889, 2014.


08. V. Meruane, J. Mahu.  “Real-time Structural Damage Assessment Using Artificial Neural Networks and Anti-Resonant Frequencies”.  Shock and Vibration, vol. 2014, Article ID 653279, 2014.


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05. V. Meruane, W. Heylen.  “Structural Damage Assessment with Antiresonances versus Mode Shapes using Parallel Genetic Algorithms”.  Structural Control & Health Monitoring, 18(8), pp. 825-839, 2011.


04. V. Meruane, W. Heylen.  “An Hybrid Real Genetic Algorithm to Detect Structural Damage Using Modal Properties”.  Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 25 (5), pp. 1559-1573, 2011.


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02. V. Meruane, R. Pascual.  “Identification of Nonlinear Dynamic coefficients in Plain Journal Bearings”.  Tribology International, 41(8), pp. 743-754, 2008.


01. R. Pascual, V. Meruane, P. A. Rey.  “On the Effect of Downtime Costs and Budget Constraint on Preventive and Replacement Policies”.  Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 93(1), pp. 144-151, 2008.






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