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Robotics and Manufacturing

roboticaResearch topics include robotics, computational synthesis, rapid prototyping, automatic and digital fabrication, among others.


Research Faculty:

Juan C. Zagal

James Griffin


Laboratorio de Síntesis de Máquinas Inteligentes

Laboratorio de Fabricación Digital (Fab Lab)

Laboratorio de Fabricación de Precisión (PreManLab)

Latest Projects:

Title Funded by Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Starting year
Self-Reflecting Machines: Instilling Robots with the Ability to Reflect on their own Thinking. Iniciación FONDECYT Juan C. Zagal 2011
KEOpS Algorithms for modeling the visual system: From natural vision to numerical applications ANR-Conicyt Juan C. Zagal (co-PI) Adrian Palacios 2010
Design, construction, launch and operation of a CubeSat (SUCHAI Project) FCFM funding Juan C. Zagal (co-PI) Marcos Diaz 2011
Machine Self-Reflection UCH funding Juan C. Zagal 2011

Graduate Courses:

Robotics and Design Automation (ME-704)
Mechantronics and sensors using Matlab and Simulink (ME-768)
Design and Technology Innovation Seminar (ME-4030)

Selected Publications:

Zagal J C, Delpiano J, Ruiz del Solar J. “Self-modeling in humanoid soccer robots”. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2009.

Zagal J C, Herrera G, Díaz M, Fernández M J. “Spectral sensitivities of photoreceptors and their role in colour discrimination in the green-backed firecrown hummingbird (Sephanoides sephaniodes)”. Journal of Comparative Physiology A-Neuroethology Sensory Neural and Behavioral Phyosiology 2008.

Griffin J, Chen X. “Multiple Classification of the Acoustic Emission Signals Extracted During Burn and Chatter Anomalies Using Genetic Programming”. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2009; 1433-3015

Chen X, Griffin J. “Grinding Burn and Chatter Classification Using Genetic Programming”. Key Engineering Materials 2009; 389-390:90-95

Chen X, Griffin J, Liu Q. “Mechanical and Thermal Behaviours of Grinding Acoustic Emission”. International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 2007; 12(1-3):184-199

Zagal J C, Ruiz del Solar J. “Combining simulation and reality in evolutionary robotics”. Journal of Intelligent & Robotics Systems 2007.

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