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Solid Mechanics

mecanicaResearch topics include computational and experimental solid mechanics, analytical and computational methods in fracture mechanics, analytical and computational methods in elasticity, structural dynamics, rotor dynamics, structural health monitoring, among others.

Research Faculty:

Elena Atroshchenko

Roger Bustamante

Viviana Meruane

Alejandro Ortiz-Bernardin


Computational and Applied Mechanics Lab (CAMLab)

Laboratorio de Vibraciones Mecánicas y Rotodinámica (LVMR)

Latest Projects:

Title Funded by Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Starting year
Adquisición de un sistema de correlación digital de imágenes de alta velocidad para la medición de forma, deformación y vibraciones en objetos tridimensionales FONDEQUIP Viviana Meruane Alejandro Ortiz-Bernardin 2014
Elena Atroshchenko
James Marcus Griffin
Roger Bustamante
Evaluación de daño estructural en tiempo real utilizando redes neuronales artificiales y frecuencias de antiresonancia U-INICIA Viviana Meruane 2011
Real-time structural damage assessment using artificial neural networks and antiresonance frequencies Fondecyt Iniciación Viviana Meruane 2011
Study of some new constitutive laws for elastic bodies Fondecyt Regular Roger Bustamante Alejandro Ortiz-Bernardin 2012
Mathematical Modelling Of Non-Linear Magneto-Sensitive Elastomers Iniciación en Investigación Roger Bustamante 2008
Modelación Matemática del Comportamiento de Elastómeros Magneto – Activos Cooperación Bilateral Paul Steinmann 2011
Roger Bustamante
Boundary element modeling of crack propagation in micropolar materials Fondecyt Iniciación Elena Atroshchenko 2013
Development and Assessment of An Efficient Numerical Method for Simulation of Nearly Incompressible Large Deformations Problems in Solid Mechanics Fondecyt Iniciación Alejandro Ortiz-Bernardin 2011

Graduate Courses:

Continuum Mechanics (ME-701)
Applied Elasticity (ME-702)
Structural Dynamics (ME-706)
Finite Element Methods in Applied Mechanics (ME-708)
Generalized Finite Element Methods (ME-705)
Probabilistic Strenght of Materials (ME-703)

Selected Publications:

Ortiz-Bernardin A, Hale  J S, Cyron C . “Volume-averaged nodal projection method for nearly-incompressible elasticity using meshfree and bubble basis functions,” Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 285 (2014) 427 – 451.

Ortiz-Bernardin A, Sfyris D. “A finite element formulation for stressed bodies with continuous distribution of edge dislocations,” Acta Mechanica (2014), in press.

Meruane V, Ortiz-Bernardin A. “Structural damage assessment using linear approximation with maximum entropy and transmissibility data,” Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 54-55 (2015) 210-223.

Ortiz-Bernardin A, Bustamante R, Rajagopal K R. “A numerical study of elastic bodies that are described by constitutive equations that exhibit limited strains,” International Journal of Solids and Structures 51 (3–4) (2014) 875–885.

Bustamante R, Merodio J. “Constitutive structure in coupled non-linear electro-elasticity: Invariant descriptions and constitutive restrictions,” International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 2011.

Bustamante R, Dorfmann A, Ogden R W. “Numerical solution of finite geometry boundary-value problems in nonlinear magnetoelasticity,” International Journal of Solids and Structures 2011.

Bustamante R, Rajagopal K R. “Solutions of some simple boundary value problems within the context of a new class of elastic materials,” International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 2011.

Meruane V, Heylen W. “An hybrid real genetic algorithm to detect structural damage using modal properties,” Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2011.

Meruane V, Heylen W. “Damage detection with parallel genetic algorithms and operational modes,” Structural Health Monitoring-An International Journal 2010.

Bustamante R, Holzapfel G A. “Methods to compute 3D residual stress distributions in hyperelastic tubes with application to arterial walls,” International Journal of Engineering Science 2010.

Ortiz A, Puso MA, Sukumar N. “Maximum-entropy meshfree method for compressible and near-incompressible elasticity,” Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2010; 119(25-28):1859-1871

Atroshchenko E, Potapenko S, Chudinovich I, Glinka G. “Variational Formulation of Crack Problems in Three-dimensional Classical Elasticity,” Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 2010; 15(8):870-884

Atroshchenko E, Potapenko S, Glinka G. “Weight function for an elliptical planar crack embedded in a homogeneous elastic medium,” International Journal of Fracture 2010; 165(1):39-45

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