Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering




The purpose of the Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Chile is to educate highly qualified engineering scholars with solid scientific and technological foundations, capable of addressing complex research and applied engineering problems and solving them independently, thus expanding the frontiers of knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Ali Akbari F.


+56 2 29784690

Claudia Villarreal


+56 2 2978 4467


Academic degree of Bachelor of Science and / or Engineering Sciences.
Required Application Documents:
– Two letters of recommendation
– Statement of Purpose
– Certificates and unofficial transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended for more than one year
– Curriculum vitae
Application Deadlines
Admitted applicants can apply for partial or total fee waiver scholarships (upto 90%) granted by the DIMEC, a maintenance scholarship granted by the FCFM and scholarships associated with research projects.


  •  Reliability, Maintenance and Physical Assets Management.
  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials.
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics.
  • Fluid Mechanics, Energy and Heat Transfer.
  • Solid Mechanics.


  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials.
  • Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer.
  • Continuum Mechanics.
  • Numerical Methods in Mechanical Systems.
  • Thesis Project Workshop.
  • Workshop on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.


  • Aerodynamics.
  • Deep Learning in Failure Diagnosis and Prognosis.
  • Combustion of Gaseous Reactive Systems.
  • Structural Dynamics.
  • Electromechanical Devices for the Conversion and Transport of Energy.
  • Digital Manufacturing.
  • Computational Fluid Mechanics.
  • Advanced Materials for Solid Cells in Energy Conversion.
  • Advanced Methods in Computational Solid Mechanics.
  • Finite Element Method in Applied Mechanics
  • Experimental Methods in Fluid Dynamics
  • Signal Processing and Machine Learning in Predictive Maintenance.
  • Powder Metallurgy.
  • Thermal Radiation.
  • Advanced Topics in Elasticity.
  • Wave Turbulence.
  • Introduction to turbulence
  • Introduction to nonlinear dynamics
  • Detection and Characterization of Objects in 3D Point Clouds


Ali Akbari F.


Dr. Universidad de Concepción, Chile 2013

Roger Bustamante P.

Ph. D., Universidad de Glasgow, Escocia 2007

Williams Calderón M.

Ph. D., Universidad de Notre Dame, USA 2009

Claudio Falcón

Dr. en Física de la Université Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie, Francia 2008

Rodrigo Hernández P.

Dr. en Física ENS Lyon U. Claude Bernard, Francia 1999

Viviana Meruane N.

Dr. Ing., Universidad Católica de Lovaina, Bélgica 2010

Alejandro Ortiz B.

Ph.D., Universidad de California, Davis, USA 2011

Álvaro Valencia M.

Dr. Ing., Universidad del Rhur, Bochum, Alemania 1992.

Juan Cristóbal Zagal M.

Dr. en Cs. de la Ing. Universidad de Chile, Chile 2007

Enrique López D.

Ph. D., University of Maryland, USA 1999

Rodrigo Pascual J.

Dr. Ing. University of Liège, 1999