Research area


The area of material has laboratories for Thermal Treatments, Metallography, Mechanical Testing and Powder Metallurgy, mainly oriented towards teaching and research. It also has access to the High Resolution Transmission Microscope Laboratory (HR-TEM), which belongs to the FCFM and the Network of Doctorates in Materials Science of the Universities of Chile, Santiago and of Physics of the Catholic University. Some of the research lineas are: the mechanical behavior of copper alloys reinforced with nanoceramics is studied; materials with a super elastic effect; and sintering of molybdenum alloys, among others.


Rodrigo Palma Hillerns

Ali Akbari Fakhrabadi

Aquiles Sepúlveda Osses

Postgraduate courses:

  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials.
  • Powder Metallurgy.
  • Advanced Materials for Solid Cells in Energy Conversion.