Research area

Robotics and Manufacturing

Robotics and Manufacturing are fundamental areas for the development of systems, products and services. The DIMEC has a Laboratory for the Synthesis of Intelligent Machines and a Laboratory for Digital Manufacturing (Fab Lab) for research, extension and teaching.

The Intelligent Machines Synthesis Laboratory studies the processes that allow the automatic generation of intelligent systems, such as robots and robotic components. The main topics of interest are soft robotics, modular robotics and the combination of both subjects. Also of interest to the laboratory is the generation of rapid prototyping tools, such as new 3D printers and new digital manufacturing methods. New processes are being studied in the laboratory that allow the construction of machines capable of accessing and operating in difficult environments. Even new machines capable of generating energy from renewable sources. The laboratory has collaborated in the manufacture of the FCFM satellite, SUCHAI. A rocket has also been developed along with its launch system.

The Fab Lab U. de Chile offers digital fabrication tools. The laboratory has fifteen 3D printers and various digital manufacturing machines (including five-axis CNC). The tools allow to generate prototypes with different materials and at different scales. A very high resolution printer stands out that can produce pieces at 16 microns thickness per layer. The laboratory has several tools that allow it to bring data from the real world to the digital environment. Using a series of different laser scanner and motion capture tools (OptiTrack) it is possible to extract models of the dynamic behavior of complex systems and to reverse engineer advanced mechanisms. In addition, there is an industrial level five-axis CNC machining center. The Center, from the prestigious Haas Automation brand, has state-of-the-art systems that allow it to address manufacturing problems in an up-to-date manner and in accordance with world industry standards.



Juan C. Zagal

Rubén Fernández

Postgraduate courses:

  • Fabrication Digital